Team Registration and Start Times

The only way to ensure that you will start at the exact same time as your friends is to create a Team. You can create a team during the registration process for your friends to join (or join your friend's team). 

Any racers that are registered as part of the same team on the SAME DAY in the SAME TIME BLOCK (Morning or Afternoon), will be moved to a common team start time when start times and bib numbers are assigned (Start times will be posted 10 days prior to the event). Racers that are registered for Sunday will not be moved to Saturday with a team, or vice versa. 

For example, if a team has members registered for both Morning start times and Afternoon start times, all Morning start time team members will be grouped together within the Morning block, and all Afternoon start time team members will be grouped together within the Afternoon block. 

Team times are NOT determined by the captain's preferred time. Spartan Race does reserve the right to adjust your start time (within the same time block - Morning or Afternoon), despite your "preferred" start times, based on team size and space availability. 

Racers that are registered for Elite or Morning start times will NOT be moved to the Afternoon team time. We assume that racers who have paid extra for these heat times would like to remain in them. Elite/Morning start time racers will still count as part of your team, but will not be moved out of their start blocks. If you are registered for an Elite or Morning Start time and request to be moved to the Afternoon Team start time, no refund will be provided for the price difference. Whether or not this request is able to be accommodated is dependent on your desired heat's availability.

Racers that are registered for Afternoon heats will not be moved into teams signed up for Elite or Morning start times, unless they pay the price difference. This is also dependent on the desired heat's availability.

For a complete explanation of Elite, Morning and Afternoon Time Blocks for our 2017 events, please see the following article:  Elite, Morning and Afternoon Time Blocks

Any racer who has registered as an individual but wishes to join a team must contact customer service at least 14 days prior to the race, to allow time for processing. 

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