What are Spartan Junior Races?

The Spartan Junior Race was created to help young athletes of all athletic abilities foster a life-long commitment to fitness and health. These events provide an opportunity for racers to develop and test their fitness in an exciting, outdoor environment where having fun and getting dirty is mandatory!

To get an idea of what a Spartan Junior Race is like, check out this video. Racers run, balance, walk, crawl and climb their way through a fun-filled obstacle course that helps them discover how Spartan Strong they really are.

Ages: Racers from 4 to 13 years old.

Spartan Junior Race Distances:  0.5 km (4 yrs old), 1km (5-7 years old), 1 km (8-10 years old), 2 km (11-13 years old)

Prizes: To be awarded to the 3 fastest boys and girls from the Competitive 10am (11-13 year old) heat. 

Heats: Heats are age specific. Racers MUST meet the minimum age requirement for a heat in order to qualify for that heat. If a child misses the start of their heat, they must wait until the next start time for their age category. Please be sure to have your child to the start line at least 10 minutes before their scheduled start to avoid disappointment.

Please refer to the following example heat times:

10:00am: Competitive 2km, ages 11-13
10:30am: 4 Years Old only 0.5km
11:10am: Ages 8-10 1km
11:35am: Ages 11-13 2km
2:00pm: Ages 11-13 2km
2:20pm: Mixed Age, Ages 8-13 2km
2:50pm: Ages 8-10 1km
3:15pm: Mixed Age, Ages 5-10 1km
3:45pm: Ages 5-7 1km

*COMPETITIVE -This heat is for 11-13 year old racers who are strong runners and would like to test their skills in a more competitive environment. This heat is NOT timed. The first 3 male and first 3 female racers who cross the Finish line will be awarded during a prize presentation.

**MIXED AGE -This heat allows racers who are 8-13 years old to compete together on the 11-13 year old, 2km course.

***MIXED AGE -This heat allows racers who are 5-10 years old to compete together on the 8-10 year old, 1km  course.

Adult Race Chaperones: 
racers MUST have an adult INSIDE the race lane with them for the duration of the race. 
5-7 year olds MAY have an adult INSIDE the race lane with them (optional). 
8-13 year olds MAY NOT have an adult INSIDE the race lane with them.

Adults may follow along the OUTSIDE of the race lane for all age categories, AT THEIR OWN RISK. Adults are NOT allowed to use the Spartan Junior obstacles.

Spartan Junior Race Finishers: Every Junior racer receives a headband, racer's T-shirt and Medal. 

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