What is the Spartan Trifecta? How do I earn it?

A member of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe finishes one of each Spartan distance - Sprint, Super and Beast - in a calendar year (January 1st - December 31st), anywhere in the world. However as there was only 1 event in the Singapore in 2015 we will allow the 2015 Singapore Sprint to count towards your 2016 trifecta.

You can even earn multiple Trifectas in a single year, however only one lap per day, per event will count toward this accomplishment. Any event in the world will count towards your trifecta. So you can complete your trifecta within anywhere in the world!

(If you run in both the Elite and Open series, still only ONE run through the course, per day, per event will count towards a trifecta.)

There is nothing special that you will need to do to "claim" a trifecta medal, as you will earn the three pieces of it, as you complete your races during the season. Once you have your third piece, the medals will fit together to complete one big Trifecta medal!





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